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Proper insulation of pipes and conduits are essential in the efficient transfer of heated liquids. Some of the old school insulation techniques can reduce a system’s effectiveness by 50% or more.
We know the best Insulation methods for virtually every situation. Our expert advice is at your disposal. Give us a call.


We strongly recommend and supply LOW-E products.
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Biodiesel is the end product after glycerin is chemically removed from fat or vegatable oil. It contains no petroleum but can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend which can be used in diesel engines. Biodiesel can be burned just like fuel oil, is biodegradable, nontoxic and essentially free of sulfer and aromatics.
Biomass is all plant and animal matter on Earth (of recent biological origin).
Biomass Fuels are trees, certain crops, certain vegitation and animal dung that can be readily burned to generate heat or electricity.
Biofuels are liquid or gas fuels (Ethanol, Biodiesel, cooking oils, methane gas, etc.) that are processed or refined from certain types of Biomass.
Bioenergy is the energy generated my the burning of Biomass, Biomass fuels or Biofuels.
Boiler: Most of today's residential boilers create hot water (not steam) to heat an environment. Because the water in not actually boiling no dangerous pressure is built up. Standard pumps and plastic pipes are used to circulate the hot water.
Conduction Heat is when heat energy is passed from a material of high temperature to another with a lower temperature. Examples: using a stovetop burner to heat a frying pan or laying on a warm waterbed to get warm.
Convection Heat is when heat energy is transfered between a solid and a fluid (liquid or air). Forced Convection is when a fan or pump moves a fluid over a hot or cold object. Natural convection is when cool fluids create currents as they move toward warm solids.
Ethanol is made by fermenting and then distilling starch and sugar crops. It is also known as Grain Alcohol and is rated at 106 octane.
Fossil Fuels: The remains of plants, animals and microganisms that lived millions of years ago. Examples: Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Coal.
Hydronics is heating with hot water. The hot water is pumped to heat transfer devices (radiators, baseboards, tubes for infloor heating, etc.).
Organic Fuels come from renewable resources. Example: Biomass and Biofuels.
PEX is an acronym for cross-linked polyethylene. PEX tubing is high temperature plastic pipe which is the perferred material for plumbing hydronic systems.
Radiant Heat (thermal) is the infra-red energy given off by a hot object that is absorbed by another. The open space between the two objects is not necessarily heated. Examples: the sun heating the earth and a fire in a fireplace heating the people in front of it.
Solar Energy is capturing energy from the sun. There are two primary ways this is done: 1) use the sun's radiant heat to heat water and 2) use the sun's radiant heat to energize photocells to create electricity.
Interesting fact 1: Primary grid electricity generation in the United States:
Coal; 50%, Nuclear 20%, Natural Gas, 18%, Hydroelectric 7%
Interesting fact 2: Burning Biomass Fuels and Biofuels does not increase the carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere. This is because its carbon content is extracted from atmospheric carbon dioxide created by the growing of plants.
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