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Solar Heat
Evacuated Tube  
Evacuated Tube Technology

The newer and more efficient way of heating water from the sun’s energy is with Evacuated Tube technology. Unlike flat panels it will heat water in a diffused light situation which makes it an excellent heating device in the winter months, as ambient temperature does not impact efficiency of the tube system.

This 72 panel system is officially the largest Solar Hot Water System in Washington State
Orchards Project

Broetje Orchards opens the first of its 48-unit townhomes near Prescott in Walla Walla County. The townhomes are being built to Built Green standards. Water is heated by evacuated tube solar arrays. The 72-panel system is expected to save more than 1.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. That's enough energy to power about 93 homes for a year.

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Flat Panel Solar Tube Collection Systems
Solar Heating of Water can be accomplished by using a solar tube collection system on the roof of a home or business. The water is in the copper coil, in the flat panel, is heated by the sun and is moved, by pump, to the structure’s hot water tank(s) or a well-insulated holding tank. This type of system is impacted by ambient temperature so it is more efficient close to the equator than in cold climates.

Uses for this New Hot Water
Hot Water Tank   Holding Tank for Hydronics
When a hot water tank starts with warm or hot water it has to work considerably less to bring that water up to the desired temperature. Often, the hot water tank doesn’t even have to turn on. This can save a home owner 40-70% on hot water costs annually.   Solar heated Water can be used to heat a structure by Hydronics (see our Hydronics page). In a Hydronics system hot water is run through PEX tubes in the floor. This will effectively heat the floor which in turn heats the room. Using Solar heated Water with a Hydronics systems means much less conventional energy is needed to heat the structure. This type of system is thermostatically controlled and, in most cases, runs seamlessly behind the scenes.

Solar heating is here to stay. Energy costs will continue to climb which will increase the demand for these products driving the overall cost of these systems down.  The big plus on the new evacuated tube technology is that the return on investment (ROI) is much quicker than other types of solar energy devices ... including photo voltaic (PV).


The average install would be around $3,000.00 or less with pump, array, fittings, shipping, and labor.  Travel time is a variable based on the pending installation site location. Extra arrays (20 tube) are $1,250.00.  This includes shipping/delivery. 


Prices will be going up after this coming Thanksgiving as all systems will go through a solar certification process before introduction to market.  It is much like a UL or CSA approval system which will and now (in some cases) is a requirement from government agencies. 

Northwest Alternative Energy is a Certified
Evacuated Tube Consultant and Dealer
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Northwest Alternative Energy works with several top of the line manufacturers of Solar Heating products. We will recommend the best solution for your specific situation. Give us a call to discuss your details.

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